Needlestick accident follow ups cost the US medical industry $1.2 billion annually

The Q Stat Safety Syringe can make a difference.

CE certification

ISO 13485 Certified

The 1ml, 3ml, 5ml and 10ml Q Stat retractable safety syringes all have CE certification and meet EU safety, health and environmental requirements.

Seringue de sécurité auto-rétractable Q STAT

The Q STAT Safety Syringe has significant design features that make it the most effective and safe spring retractable syringe.

Q STAT auto-rétractable seringues

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The Q STAT Safety Syringe works in the same way as a traditional syringe. The luer lock allows for easy change of needles and selection of the appropriate needle for each procedure. The safety technology is passive. It is the only user-controlled automatic retraction syringe available today.

The Q STAT Safety Syringes are a leap forward in medical safety. They are an important step in the prevention of needlestick injuries.